Clothespin Wreathe

The other night, I went to a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) Craft Night, and we made these adorable wreathes to hold our Christmas cards!  It is made with Stampin’ Up! paper, so I had to share 🙂

IMG_4492I love how eclectic it looks!  It was really fun and actually pretty easy to make – maybe a little time consuming, but I even finished it in less than 3 hours.

Paper used:  Snow Festival Designer Series Paper (126908) – only available until January 2nd!

Erin LeMere was the coordinator for this project, so she had all the supplies.  But she bought all the supplies at Michael’s (except for the paper!).  We took the wood wreathe and painted it whatever color we wanted.  I chose silver.  Then we used 49 clothespins to create the card holders.  The paper was added using Mod Podge (on the clothespin and also on the outside of the paper to seal it).  Some of the clothespins were also dipped into chunky clear glitter for an added dimension.  They were then added to the wreathe using a glue gun and a spare clothespin to use as a spacer when placing them down.  Then we took ribbon and torn pieces of fabric and tied them in between the clothespins to create the finished product.




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